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Personal Body Piercing Kits

Personal Body Piercing Kits and Self Piercing Kits for all types of body piercings - that INCLUDE 100% Guaranteed Sterilized body jewelry. Please be aware that 99% of the body piercing kits sold online (on ebay, amazon, etc.) do NOT include sterile body jewelry!  What good does it do to use a sterile needle, gloves and prep when all you have is a dirty piece of steel jewelry that is being shoved into an open wound?  We ARE professional body piercers and we know what it takes to do a safe and easy body piercing.  That's why we are the #1 name in body piercing kits worldwide and guarantee our sterile jewelry is safe to use, no matter what kind of piercing you are doing. 
DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT: ASK IF THE JEWELRY IS AUTOCLAVE STERILE!  Unless it is run through an autoclave, in a color-change indicating pouch when it arrives, it is NOT STERILE! 
We offer the only 100% Safe and Sterile body piercing kits in the USA and have been since 2009.  When  you purchase from us you will also be earning BONUS POINTS towards free products with every purchase!
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Mini Body Piercing Kit with Sterile Body Jewelry
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