5 Things to Look For in a Body Piercing Kit:

In case you aren't already aware, body piercing kits are NOT created equal - in fact,  the vast majority (over 97%) of kits sold on the major sites like ebay, walmart, amazon or etsy are NOT safe to use and should be avoided.  The reason these kits are not safe is because they do not offer the body jewelry sterilized.  Ask yourself this; what good does it do to use a sterile needle, gloves and sterile pair of clamps when you are just going to shove an unsterile (dirty) piece of jewelry into the open wound you just made?  Obviously, it nullifies the entire process and can lead to horrible infections, injury and hospitalizations, or worse.  You can easily see which kits are in this dangerous category by looking at the photos of the kits themselves.  Is the jewelry loose and NOT in a sterile pouch?  If the jewelry is not shown in a sterile pouch, guess what.... it's DEFINITELY not sterile and should not be used for initial piercing.  Don't be fooled into buying something that is dangerous and know that professional body piercers would never ever use unsterilized body jewelry when piercing.  Not only do we know better than to do that but licensed and permitted body piercers are under the regulatory oversight of health departments of the locales we work in.  Unfortunately, most sellers of body piercing kits are NOT piercers, nor do they know anything about what it takes to perform a body piercing.  They are just preying upon the ignorance and naivete of their customers and making a fast buck throwing things into a bag and shipping them out. 

The entire reason I founded Hottie Body Jewelry back in 2009 was because I saw what was being sold on ebay and other sites at the time and that it was garbage, and that people that unknowingly bought those dirty kits had a high chance of not only botching the piercing because they lacked the proper needle gauges, tools and matching jewelry, but that the jewelry itself was NEVER sterile.  Unfortunately, 12 years later, nothing has really changed in what is offered online.  While the quantity and number of sellers offering piercing kits has exploded, the quality of the kits themselves has not changed at all.  Outside of maybe one or two other companies (worldwide) that offer some form of sterilized body jewelry (with very high minimum order quotas), the marketplace is still the same and full of dangerous kits without any oversight or accountability. 

You may notice that our piercing kits are a bit more expensive than our competitor's offerings, and that is due to the fact that we offer only the highest grade of professional caliber materials and sterilized body jewelry to our customers.  If you are wondering why the competition does not bother sterilizing their body jewelry it is a matter of cost.  Each piece of body jewelry must be first cleaned and then put into a color-changing sterilization pouch which are very expensive.  Then the sterilization process must begin utilizing a machine called an autoclave that costs between $2000 and $5000 where the pouched jewelry are processed for a lengthy period of time.  After that each piece must be checked to insure the indicators are showing it has been sterilized properly and an expiration date must be stamped on each piece.  You can see it is a lot of extra time and expense and because of this it is much easier for sellers that do not really care to skip this step entirely and just take fancy photos or offer you a couple extra pieces of dirty jewelry to lure you into buying from them. 

We are not here to lure, trick or deceive you that way.  Our kits cost a bit more because they are safe and include the sterilized body jewelry and because we are real body piercers we always include the properly sized needles that are of the sharpest caliber for ease of piercing as well as the proper matching types and size of body jewelry.  We always recommend that you go to a professional body piercer first but if that is not possible or you are piercing a more 'personal' area of the body and insist on doing it with someone you love and trust you should always choose a kit that is safe to use and that ALL components of the kit are professional grade.  Don't you deserve that?  Sure, you may save a couple dollars using a dirty kit from a competitor but is it worth it if you get a horrible infection or end up in the hospital because their jewelry came off a factory floor in China and was handled by God knows who and thrown into a bag before it got to you?  Think about it.  Your life or the life of someone you care about may depend on it.  Now, without further delay, here are the things to look for in your body piercing kit:

1. Make sure it is ALL STERILE - While just about anyone (and everyone) is offering piercing kits these days with sterile needle, an alcohol swab or gloves, only ONE seller offers piercing kits that are up to Health Department standards.

       2. Is the kit offered by an actual body piercer, or just someone trying to make a buck on walmart.com, amazon.com, etsy.com or ebay.com? Only hottiebodyjewelry.com offers professional-grade piercing kits that are ALL sterile and safe to use!

       3. Does the kit offer the proper tools for the job? Some piercings (like septum piercings for example) require special tools. Make sure the kit you purchase has the proper tools or your chances of doing the piercing correctly diminish greatly.

       4. Does the kit include the CORRECT type of body jewelry in the proper gauge and style for the piercing? Many inferior piercing kits include several types of jewelry and NONE of them are the right ones for the job.

     5. Most important of all: IS THE BODY JEWELRY STERILIZED IN COLOR-CHANGING sterile pouches? Or does it come loose (and dirty) from the factory floors in China? If the photo of the kit contents shows the body jewelry loose, they are not sterilized and not safe to use in initial piercings. Only the piercing kits from hottiebodyjewelry.com offer pre-sterilized body jewelry in the correct gauge and style for initial piercings for your safety.

Furthermore, for those of you that have sensitive skin we offer titanium body jewelry (also with the option for pre-sterilized) for your needs to insure your piercings are safe and problem free during healing. Check out the ONLY SAFE and STERILE body piercing kits at Hottiebodyjewelry.com TODAY and pierce safely with confidence like the thousands and thousands of customers we have helped since 2009!

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