Belly Button Piercing Kit with Safe and Sterile Body Jewelry*

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Belly Body Piercing Kit offering Safe and Sterile Body Jewelry

Buyer Beware of body piercing kits being sold on ebay, amazon or etsy (or from China) by ignorant sellers that feature dangerous materials and (dirty) un-sterilized body jewelry. In these garage-sale 'kits' the body jewelry is raw and unclean.  Hottie Body offers sterilized body jewelry that has been run through a medical-grade process and placed in a color-changing sterile pouch.  

Does it make sense to you to shove a contaminated piece of steel jewelry into an open wound?  That's what you are actually doing when you buy from garage-sale vendors that do not know anything about body piercing and will sell anything that makes a quick buck. You might save a buck or two somewhere else but it will not include the sterilized body jewelry or professional know-how we put into our products.

Hottie Body has been helping professional pierces around the world since 2009 and we pierce every day!

Here is our professionally complete kit to get your body piercing right, the first time;

 This is our Belly Body Piercing kit that gives you what you need to pierce your belly (navel) yourself professionally! This kit has everything you need to do it safely and correctly, at a FRACTION of the cost! Nobody gives you a more COMPLETE kit, with MORE piercing accessories FEATURING our Skin Prep Pads! 

This kit includes; 

(1) 14g E.O. Gas Sterilized individually pouched Professional Piercing Needle
(1) 14g SAFE AND STERILE Curved Barbell body jewelry  made of 316L Surgical Grade Surgical Stainless Steel*
(1) Antibacterial Lubricating Jelly packet (a MUST have for piercing comfort and efficiency) 
(1) Skin Prep Pad (applied immediately prior to piercing) 
(1) Receiving Cork (to receive needles) 
1 PAIR of NITRILE NON-LATEX POWDER-FREE SURGICAL EXAM GLOVES (Don't risk infections from Latex allergies or from powder particle contamination!) 

PLUS: EXPERT STREAMING VIDEO How-to and Aftercare instructions to prevent complications after the piercing has been done! 

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this kit you are stating you are at least 18 years old and will not hold seller liable in any way for negative results from the proper or improper use of this kit. These kits are meant to be used by professional body piercers ONLY!
*Safe and Sterile Body Jewelry option highly recommended!

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