Best Nose Piercing Kits for 2021


We here at are actual body piercers, and we know what it takes to pierce, unlike others that just take money to write bogus reviews or refer to sites selling inferior piercing kits. 

Seriously?  Bought-and-paid-for video ‘Reviews’ by our competitors:


Piercing the nose can be a bit tricky and when possible, we always recommend you allow a professional piercer to pierce you.  However, for many reasons, it may not be possible to utilize a professional or you choose to do it yourself at home.  In that case, there are many nose piercing kits offered online that you can buy. 


So how can you tell the difference between an inferior nose piercing kit and a safe nose piercing kit to use?  I can tell you right now that I founded Hottie Body Jewelry back in 2009 with the purpose of providing accurate information and piercing kits and materials to those of you that are either choosing to self-pierce or are beginning a career in body piercing.  I have over 35 years of combined medical and body piercing experience to draw from and have trained hundreds of body piercers through my courses over the years. 


Here is the BIG difference in the nose piercing kits I offer versus the rest of the sellers out there, whom with all due respect, don’t know the first thing about what it takes to pierce:


1.      There are two types of nose piercing kits that are available; piercing kits that have needles that are used to create the hole for the nose jewelry and kits that offer a cartridge with the jewelry inside of it.  Either type is safe to use IF the body jewelry is STERILIZED.

2.     A proper piercing kit of any kind should include; a sterile laser-sharpened piercing needle or proper gauge and length, skin preparation (i.e. alcohol swab(s) for disinfecting the skin area before piercing, proper tools (i.e. the minimum tool for nose piercing is a cork, and of course the correct body jewelry gauged for noses to match with the needle gauge.  Now, here is where the big difference in nose piercing kits is found – 98% of the piercing kits sold on ebay, Walmart, amazon, bodyj4you and etsy include non-sterile and dangerous jewelry that is sent ‘loose’ that should NEVER be used in a fresh initial piercing!  If the photos of the kit show the jewelry ‘loose’ it is not sterile, simple as that.  The nose piercing kits offered on my site can be ordered to include all body jewelry pre-sterilized and in color-changing sterile pouches so that the jewelry is kept safe and sterile until the moment you pierce.  I also offer professional grade piercing kits with factory new jewelry that is unsterilized for my professional piercer clients that own autoclaves and choose to pouch and sterilize their own body jewelry.  If you are a novice and do not own an autoclave (a $2k to 4k piece of equipment) you should ALWAYS order your piercing kits with sterilized body jewelry that comes in the color-changing pouches.

3.     So if every professional piercer in the world knows to always use sterile body jewelry for initial piercings, why do all of my competitors sell kits that are unsafe to use and without sterile jewelry?  There are three main reasons I have found that explain this dangerous practice; one, they either know better and are just preying on naïve customers that don’t know any better (shame on them!), or two, they are doing it to make more profits since the cost of sterilizing the body jewelry exceeds the cost of everything else in the kit combined, or three; they are completely ignorant about piercing and are just there to make a fast buck and don’t care what happens to their customers.  I am here to tell you that no matter what you are told by the other guys, using dirty and unsterilized body jewelry is NOT safe and there is no easy way to sterilized the jewelry – rubbing/dipping in alcohol is not enough, nor is washing with soap and water, or any other method short of an autoclave.  If sterilizing body jewelry were as easy as that then there would not be the need for autoclaves, which I own and use to sterilize the jewelry in the kits offered on my site at

4.     If you are buying a needle nose piercing kit you MUST have the body jewelry (usually a nose screw or stud) sterilized and pouched.  If you are buying a cartridge kit then make sure the cartridge itself is sterile and ready to use safely.  There are some people selling/using cheap Chinese ear guns and cartridges that are not sterilized.  Many times, you will find these being used in indoor swap-meets.  I knew of one lady that used a spring-loaded (unsterile) ear piercing gun to pierce almost anything all over the body – and many times her customers got infections or the piercings rejected and they found me to redo them.  And by the way, if you are in doubt about anything I am writing here, if you do not believe that ALL body piercing kits (including nose piercing kits) should include sterile body jewelry you can contact your local Health Department.  All legit body piercers are regulated and overseen by their local Health Department, and they are always glad to answer your questions.  Remember, Health Departments exist to ensure your safety when it comes to matters of body art and food preparation.  Please check with them to confirm what I am writing here so you will know I am not just bashing the competition unfairly.

5.     Here is a photo of a piece of sterilized body jewelry that is included in our kits.  Remember, if you do not see the body jewelry in one of these pouches (with a color-changing indicator and expiration date on the backside) it is not sterile and unsafe to use.  I don’t care if they give you 3 or 5 pieces of body jewelry in a kit, if they are all ‘loose’ and not in pouches, you should not be using them for initial piercing.  Now, once your piercing is healed and you are ready to change out that bland piece of starter jewelry with something fancier, they don’t have to be sterile since the wound in your skin is healed and closed.  Of course, you should always soak the new jewelry in alcohol before changing it out to make sure it is clean of any debris or metal fragments from the factory first, but it should be safe to use as a change-out.  Remember, soaking in alcohol does NOT sterilize the jewelry and is not a short-cut to using un-pouched jewelry for initial piercing, it’s just a good idea as a cleaning method for anything you get that is loose only to use AFTER the piercing has completely healed.  And what I mean when I say ‘completely’ healed is that you are able to turn it and move it without pain or it sticking.  Then it is healed.

6.     Proper Aftercare is crucial to a successful piercing but is rarely offered by these same sellers of dangerous and dirty piercing kits.  I mean, why should they worry about your healing process if they didn’t bother to provide you with safe materials to pierce with in the first place?  All of my nose piercing kits come with downloadable aftercare instructions to insure fast and problem-free healing.  I don’t believe in holding anything back and when it comes to the health and welfare of my customers, I would rather over provide than leave anything out.

7.     If you are watching a video of someone that was paid to promote a company’s piercing kits pay careful attention to the jewelry.  Did it come out of a sterile pouch or did the influencer tell you they ‘sterilized’ it themselves with alcohol or some other method?  If so, you know right away that the influencer in the video does not know what they are doing at all and are just a hired gun for the unscrupulous kit seller they are hawking.  Best to use your own investigation and judgement when it comes to choosing the best piercing kit for you.  Sure, you may save a couple dollars going with a dirty kit but if that kit gives you a raging infection that you end up in the Emergency Room over, was it worth the couple dollars saved?  I don’t mean to scare you but I know of people that have used these dirty kits from ebay, amazon, Walmart, and bodyj4you and had horrible infections that led to having to remove the jewelry (at minimum) to getting horrific injuries or sepsis in their blood and needing hospitalization.  Let me ask you this; Does it make sense to use a sterile needle, sterile clamps or tools only to shove an unsterile (dirty) piece of jewelry into an open wound in you body?  Well, that is what you are doing with the other kits out there that do not sterilize the jewelry!  It’s like having surgery and everything is clean and sterile in the room until it comes time to cut you open and the surgeon uses a dirty pocket knife.  Seriously, that is really what is going on here and if you really think about it and do some digging you will realize the absolute public health hazard these dirty kit sellers are causing.  It’s not only sad but pathetic and based on greed without conscience.


I have included a few photos of these dirty kits for you to consider, so you understand exactly what I am referring to when I say unsterilized and ‘loose’ body jewelry.  Most of them include sterile needles and alcohol swabs and may even include sterile clamps but NONE of them bother to sterilize the body jewelry – for reasons I already outlined previously.

Here they are:



Notice how these dangerous and unsafe kits offered by others online showing the jewelry ‘loose’ and un-pouched?


Remember, TO BE SAFE the body jewelry must come in a STERILE POUCH that LOOKS LIKE THIS:


The back side of the pouch should look like THIS:

Our SAFE and STERILE Body Piercing Kits

Here are photos of my kits with body jewelry that is safe and sterile and ready to use in initial piercings.   Remember, if the jewelry does not come in one of these and the pouch color-change indicator does not show that it is indeed ‘sterile’ DO NOT USE IT and return the kit for a full refund!  Your life may depend on this tiny detail.  Here is what sterile pouched body jewelry looks like;

(Photo of a Safe and Sterile Kit from

As you can see everything is sterilized from the needle, the clamps and the

Sterilized and pouched Body Jewelry!  Also included is skin preparation so that the are to be pierced is properly disinfected prior to piercing.  We also include non-latex gloves in our full piercing kits to avoid causing allergic reactions to those of us that may be allergic to latex.  Everything you see in our kits is professional-grade and ready to use!  On our site we also provide links to How-To piercing vids and downloadable Aftercare instructions for any kind of piercing so everything goes smooth.  Our kits may not be the cheapest on the market but they are 100% Guaranteed to be the Safest piercing kits and our Nose Piercing Kits cannot be beat!  We KNOW what we are doing because we are professional piercers and we have decades of piercing knowledge and experience to draw from.  Is it any wonder why we have been the #1 choice of more professional body piercers the world over than anyone else since 2009?

Please stop by our site and take a look at our kits and you will see the ‘Hottie Body Difference’.  We only offer safe and sterile piercing supplies and kits to YOU because we not only know what it takes to pierce correctly but WE CARE!

Feel free to reply to this blog post or reach out to us anytime using our 24 Hour CRM messaging system on our site with any questions you have.

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