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Body Piercing School of California
Body Piercing School of California

Body Piercing Class in Los Angeles, California - Body Piercing Courses

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IMPORTANT: IN-PERSON CLASSES SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19! Enrollment must be paid by PAYPAL ONLY and received 10 days prior to class date - card holder and student name must match EXACTLY!
professional body piercing school in los angeles, california - southern california's first dedicated body piercing course that offers no b.s. classroom instruction by a real, live professional body piercer so you get to fast-track into success and use insider secrets and techniques to insure your success!


Southern California's FIRST Dedicated Body Piercing School!

We are proud to announce that we are now enrolling monthly 
classes in professional body piercing from our brand new 
Southern California location in Los Angeles County!

Why wait any longer?


Start Earning $100+ an hour as a Professional Body Piercer!

We are currently enrolling for SPRING 2019 body piercing class dates.  We are the World's First Dedicated Body Piercing School and we offer ONE ON ONE INSTRUCTION by a working MASTER BODY PIERCER.  We BODY PIERCE EVERY DAY and are NOT out of the field and just teaching to supplement retirement money - nor are we tattoo artists pretending to be body piercers!  We have OVER 40 YEARS COMBINED BODY ART and MEDICAL EXPERIENCE poured into this course and our working shop has been doing business since 2009!  We are NOT a couple of tattoo artists (or retired has-beens) trying to make money teaching piercing out of a slow shop - we are Master Body Piercers who SPECIALIZE in Body Piercing and our body art business is ONE OF A KIND!  Our courses are taught by WORKING industry professional body piercers in an ACTUAL WORKING SHOP ENVIRONMENT so you get the MAXIMUM BENEFIT from teachers who enjoy passing along their experience and secrets - no frills or extra fees, just real hands-on instruction at a fair price.  We're dedicated and experienced body piercing professionals who have combined industry and medical experience of over 35 years to draw from. There's no need to pay through the nose to learn how to pierce at a professional level, nor does it take a week or two to learn the proper techniques.  All of our graduates are working in the body piercing industry and no other course/school can say that!  We go right to it and give you the secret inside tips and techniques you will need to do each piercing right!  After that, it's up to you to perfect the techniques and make them your own!  Teaching is not all we do but an extension of who we are and our approach is with integrity and dedication to giving you everything you need to be successful as a professional body piercer.  Beware of competitors that are actually long retired from the industry or charge UPWARDS OF $2500 or more and teach out of warehouses things like branding, scarification or hanging by hooks - all ILLEGAL in California!  We know what it takes because we are master body piercers working in the real world and we don't over-charge you to sit in a warehouse downtown nor are we starving tattoo artists working out of a po box offering cut-rate quality (4 hours instead of a full day of instruction) because we need the cash - we ONLY BODY PIERCE and take piercing VERY SERIOUSLY and we pass everything we know off to you so you have the best chance for success possible!  We DO NOT endorse or teach ILLEGAL MODIFICATIONS like branding or scarification - we take you into a real professional shop with dedicated master piercing instructors (not tattoo guys) in a 
real-time working shop environment which is something no one else can offer at any price, much less at the very fair price we offer!


This Course includes:

*Proper aseptic techniques and sterilization processes

*Proper Aftercare methods for various piercings (written included)

*All General Body Piercings (Tongue, Navel, Labret, Lip, Ear, Eyebrow, etc. etc.)

*Multiple methods and when to use them for various piercings

*One-on-One personal training and supervision by working master body piercer

*Student booklet with written materials and sample liability waivers, etc.

*Professional Body Piercer Course Completion Certificate

*Ongoing Support as you learn and perfect your skills* (see Lifeline options)

* REAL guidance on attaining Bloodborne Pathogen Certification that is actually approved by YOUR local county health department (not a b.s. one some competitors give that means nothing in the real world)

*Restricted (one-on-one) class size to insure you receive maximum benefit!

We now include our Advanced Piercing Course

with our Standard Course COMBINED!


Our Advanced Course Includes:

*Advanced Body Piercing Techniques (including micro-dermals, genital and surface piercings)

*FREE Lifeline Membership Support Included

*Career Marketing Advice (negotiating and how to price your services to succeed)

*Complete List of Vendors for Body Piercing supplies and Equipment

*INCLUDED 36 in 1 Professional Body Piercing Starter Kit (A $100 Value!)

*Advanced Professional Body Piercing Completion Certificate
PLEASE NOTE:  Course must be paid with PAYPAL ONLY!

SPRING/SUMMER 2019 SPECIAL: Enroll in our course and receive a
Starter Body Piercing Kit - worth over $100 FREE!
This Advanced Piercing course has been added to the standard piercing course and are taught consecutively at our working-shop location.  Combining these courses ultimately SAVES HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS OFF and because we are the WORLD'S ONLY DEDICATED BODY PIERCING SCHOOL you will get ONE ON ONE tutoring by a master body piercer who will teach you at your own pace until you have everything down that you need to be a successful body piercer.  ADVANCED BODY PIERCING covers the proper techniques for surface piercings, genital body piercings (male and female) and teaches you the proper methods to perform Micro-Dermal piercings.
  (Note: This course does NOT discuss or instruct in illegal body modifications such as branding and/or scarification.  Also, this course if purchased along with the Basic Piercing Course may or may not be given as a concurrent part of the Basic Body Piercing course.  For more details contact us)


"I am an artist and own my own shop.  Got tired of looking for piercers so took the course and now I do it all.  Good people too!"

"The piercing course is AMAZING!  I knew 0 about piercing and after taking the course I got into a local shop.  Highly recommended!"  J. Ramirez

"Wow.  Not only did I learn the right way to do basic piercings but I got a job referral!  Thanks!"  M.S.

"Another place wanted $1800 and was out of an industrial space, I took this class and 
I learned fast inside a real shop!'"    L.S.

"EXACTLY what I needed to get started - to the point and hands-on!"  T.M.

"The only class taught in a working shop I could find anywhere - well worth it!"  M.P.

"A little bit of a drive but overall I give it an A+!"  D.S.

"Gave me the confidence and techniques to start piercing as a career!"  G.R.


Q: What is different about your course compared to your competitors?

ANSWER: We are the ONLY class taught in an ACTUAL working shop by 
instructors who are ACTUAL PIERCERS working in the industry today!  
This insures you work in a real-time environment and learn the most up-to-date
techniques and body piercings.  We are NOT Tattoo 'people' teaching a piercing
class because we are bored or broke - we are Master Body Piercers who take
body piercing very seriously and offer a one to two full day couse to teach you.
We even offer you the option of ONE ON ONE INSTRUCTION to get you up and proficient 
as quickly as possible in our hands-on shop environment!  You might find 
other instructors who are actually tattoo artists (who operate from home 
with a po box address) who may offer to travel to you because they do not have a real location.
that offers a one to two day course that gives you RESULTS and what you actually need!

Q:  There is one other 'course' offered in Socal and he claims to be less expensive, why?

ANSWER: It's probably because it is taught by a TATTOO guy who works out of his house
(po box given) and maybe he is wiling to take any money he can get.  Probably the biggest difference
is that we are NOT TATTOO PEOPLE or a RETIRED HAS-BEENS trying to teach body piercing - we are Master Piercers
teaching WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY and what we are best at  drawn from over 40 years experience!
If you are serious about learning the RIGHT WAY TO PIERCE that will make you the most money
it goes unsaid you should be dealing with people that take body piercing seriously,
and not look down upon it as merely a way to make quick cash (as most tattoo artists do).
In this world you get what you pay for, and if saving a few dollars (not even sure if it ends up
being less with how confusing it is worded) is more important than learning the RIGHT WAY
to pierce by ACTUAL BODY PIERCERS instead of a tattoo guy or has-been, that's on you.  But remember
it's not just about you but the safety and satisfaction of your customers in the end
and since your income and reputation will be based on what you are taught
doesn't it make sense to (at least) give yourself the best chance to succeed by
learning from people that ONLY BODY PIERCE and who are the best at it?

Q:  Will I really learn what it takes to perform basic body piercings by taking your course?

ANSWER:  Yes!  Not only will you learn over a dozen body piercing techniques but by the end
of the course you will have been shown the correct ways (and even multiple techniques) to pierce
drawn from our decades of body piercing experience.  You will earn the 'how's' and 'why's' of 
piercing, and all the situations you will encounter.  We not only cover safety and precautionary 
techniques to follow but we also cover and discuss the business aspects of the industry including
marketing, licensing and permit requirements to assist you in starting out.  You will find by
the end of our class you have the knowledge and confidence to start your new
career on the right foot.  Unlike our competitors (who are doing it for the money) we care
about your success and offer post-course support to guarantee you succeed!

COURSE SUBJECT MATTER:  Our comprehensive course provides a working knowledge of basic body piercing techniques and tips to correctly pierce standard areas of the body.  Presented by working industry professional body piercers so that you will get an updated and complete introduction to the various techniques used in the industry today and receive detailed instruction and hands-on training to complete the following piercings: nose, eyebrow, septum, tongue, surface, industrial, ear, navel and nipples.  Other types of piercings discussed include micro-dermal piercing.  Also covered topic areas include: licensing requirements, proper tools needed, required forms, liability and dealing with emergency situations as well as preparations to prevent complications in piercing.  

MATERIALS PROVIDED:  Complete PROFESSIONAL STARTER BODY PIERCING KIT with booklet on starting up and getting licensed.  Sample release form, client questions, and aftercare for various types of piercings.  Students also provided with starter body piercing kit (optional) that includes sterilized needles, pre-sterilized body jewelry, skin prep and some disposable and metal tools for piercing.  

Class Instruction Provided LIVE by a Professional Body Piercer
Course tuition must be paid in full within 2 DAYS prior to class date!
Credit card name MUST match name of person taking the course - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Our Mission:  To educate and instruct students on the proper ways to body pierce and to provide support to students as they perfect the techniques taught by a working Professional Body Piercer.  

ABOUT THE FOUNDER:  Our company founder is one of the most respected and successful body piercers in the world and has over 35 years combined experience in body art and medical profession that has allowed her to hone her body piercing skills in a safe and knowledgeable environment.  Her extensive medical background and insight is invaluable in the daily situations that body artists face.  She is also an entrepreneur that has instilled her work ethic and perfectionism into building a business that is now one of the leading suppliers of body art supplies and has been featured in over 300 articles by dozens of media outlets worldwide for her keen insight on piercing technique and legendary client care and industry innovations that have elevated how body piercing and tattoos are done forever.

"LIFE-LINE" On-line Follow-Up Body Art Technician Support - is a radically new service that acts as a life-line for apprentice body piercers so that you are not 'alone' as you learn your craft.  With Life-Line, you have the ability to ask expert body piercers questions on-line and know that you will receive timely and accurate answers back when you need them the most.  It's like having a master body piercer over your shoulder that you can refer to regarding anything* that has to do with body piercing.  Normally, this service is offered at an already low price of $49.99 per month but when you enroll in our basic body piercing course, you are offered this service at a discounted price.  For what many body piercers charge for a single body piercing you will enjoy 30 days of guidance and peace of mind.

* basic service includes up to 5 inquiries per week via email and up to 2 (5 minute) Skype teleconference sessions. 
 Additional inquiries or sessions may incur additional fees.

Note: All sales are final.  If a student is unable to attend a confirmed class date and provides written notification 72 hours before class date we will reschedule student to another class date.  However, if ample notification is not given in writing 72 hours prior to class date (in the event of a crisis or unforseen events that can be proven) and student does not attend the class we will reschedule the student (one time only) and assign another class date.  In the event a student does not attend the rescheduled class (and they cannot establish cause beyond their control) it will be up to Hottie Body to reschedule again or issue a refund.  Any refund issued will be minus equipment and or materials purchased as well as a fee of $200 per day per missed class for non-recoverable costs. 
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