Clitoral Hood VCH Piercing Kit with Sterile Body Jewelry

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Female Genital VCH Piercing Kit for Clitoral Hood

with (included) Safe and Sterile Jewelry!

CUSTOMER ALERT:  We offer the ONLY 100% SAFE and STERILE VCH piercing kits that INCLUDE Pre-Sterilized Jewelry that is safe to use!
REMEMBER:  If it is pictured 'loose' and NOT in a color-changing pouch (like our jewelry is) it is NOT STERILE and DANGEROUS to use!

This kit includes;

(1) SAFE AND STERILE 16g Piercing Needle (E.O. Gas Sterilized) 

(1) 16g SAFE AND STERILE 316L Stainless Steel Barbell

(1) Antibacterial Lubricating Jelly packets (a MUST have for piercing comfort and efficiency)

(1) Skin Prep Pads (applied immediately prior to piercing)

(1) Receiving Cork (to receive needles)

(2) 1 PAIR of NITRILE NON-LATEX POWDER-FREE SURGICAL EXAM GLOVES (Don't risk infections from Latex allergies or from powder particle contamination!)

PLUS: EXPERT How-to and Aftercare streaming Video instructions to prevent complications after the piercing has been done to ensure rapid and safe healing!

By purchasing this kit you are stating that you are 18 years of age or older and that you will not hold us liable for any problems that may arise from the use of this equipment in any way. We strongly recommend that this equipment be used by a professional piercer only.

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