Hottie Body Jewelry in Lancaster, California, is one of the very few shops in all of L.A. County that features Health Department registered staff for your safety! With over 30 years combined body art and medical experience, we are fully certified and registered with the Los Angeles County Health Department in body art. Hottie Body Jewelry urges you to always insist on seeing your body artist's documentation before you get anything done. If they cannot produce a body art technician permit (with serial number for verification) then they are not licensed and operating illegally. Many artists say they are certified, or have taken a Blood Borne Pathogen course, but taking the course is not the only requisite to obtaining a permit through the county health department. A body artist must be issued a permit (with permit number clearly written for verification and posted publicly in plain sight) to perform body art of any kind.  It is your right as a customer to insist to see all documentation from your body piercer or tattoo artist BEFORE you get pierced.  If you don't get your next body piercing from the body piercing specialists at Hottie Body Jewelry, at least save yourself from injury or infection and go to someone that is legally permitted to body pierce and has the documentation to prove it.


Dane S.

Date 11/21/2010 8:56:00 AM

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