Hottie Body offers Tattoos with No Shop Minimums - starting at only $25!
Hottie Body in Lancaster, Ca. stomps the competition again by offering NO SHOP MINIMUM Tattoos and Body Piercings! That's right, while the other shops liek to over-charge you and claim they have to charge a 'minimum' to bother with you, we are happy to work with you even if it's your first time getting a tattoo, and we NEVER charge a minimum or insult your intelligence by over-charging you. We are the #1 fastest-growing shop in the AV and #1 in Customer Satisfaction since 2009 and we are taking the industry by storm with our revolutionary approach to piercing and tattooing. Stop in today and see the 'Hottie Body difference' yourself - where we treat you like family. Hottie Body: Legit body art by normal people for normal people!

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