Is There Really A Way to Reduce The Pain of Getting Pierced?
For some people, the only obstacle keeping them from getting a body piercing is the pain they imagine that comes with the process.  True, there is always a certain amount of pain felt in almost all body piercings, but there are ways that one can ‘minimize’ or reduce it.  The truth is, there will always be some pain felt no matter what you are getting pierced but using the right materials such as the items included in this body piercing kit can help minimize the pain and insure proper healing afterwards.

Contrary to popular belief it is NOT a good idea to drink alcoholic beverages before getting pierced or tattooed.  This is because alcohol thins the blood and can cause bleed-outs, prevent proper clotting (healing) or cause dizzyness, nausea or feinting.  Some people have found that taking Tylenol (acetaminophine) before a body piercing can reduce the pain felt without the blood-thinning risk.  (Note: do NOT take Aspirin, as this (like alcohol) will thin the blood and you will be exposing your client to greater risk of injury or bleeding.)

When it comes to numbing sprays or gels, we cannot endorse fully the use of these products as their effectiveness seems to differ from individual to individual.  While there may be a few that give some relief it is not guaranteed AND they are very expensive to use!  

One of the easiest ways to ensure your piercing will be quick and pain-free is to use lazer-sharp piercing needles.  If you are looking for a self piercing kit, you will find the safest professional-grade body piercing kits HERE that include the sharpest needles available and pre-sterilized and pouched body jewelry.  Remember, the sharper the needle the less skin resistance you will feel and the faster it is over with!   the use of sharp piercing needles reduces the pain felt during a piercing.  You can find ultra-sharp needles, supplies and body piercing kits and this fine online seller of body piercing kits and supplies.

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