Despite attempts by insecure tattoo artists to scare off apprentice tattoo artists with this lie, there is no truth to the myth that you need a tattoo license to purchase tattoo and piercing equipment and supplies in the state of California. This misconception is being spread by inferior tattoo artists out there every day. Why? Mainly it is to discourage new artists from pursuing their crafts. In the state of California, you must be permitted by the health department within the county you are in and fulfill their criteria. Other than that, there is NOTHING and NO ONE that can prevent and adult (meaning you are 18 years of age or older) from purchasing tattoo supplies, either online or at a walk-in store, like Hottie Body Jewelry and Tattoo. Next time someone tells you this lie, tell them where to stick it, and remind them that everyone starts somewhere, even those guys lying to you - as beginners! Happy Tattooing!

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