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Male Genital Body Piercing Kit for Frenum with Safe and Sterile Curved Barbell

Male Genital Body Piercing Kit for Frenum with Safe and Sterile Curved Barbell

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Body Piercing Kit for a Frenum Genital Piercing with Safe and Sterile Jewelry

This is our all new Frenum Body Piercing kit that gives you what you need to properly pierce a frenum! Whether you are piercing nipples, your lips, your tongue, navel, your eyebrows, ears or genitals, this kit has everything you need to do it safely and correctly, at a FRACTION of the cost! Instead of buying two separate individual kits we decided to make it even easier for you to SAVE BIG MONEY with this COMPLETE Kit!


(1) STERILIZED 14g or 12g Piercing Needle (E.O. Gas Sterilized) 

(1) 14g or 12g SAFE AND STERILE 316L Stainless Steel Curved Barbell or Captive Bead Ring

(1) Benzalkonium Chloride towelettes (because alcohol pads and swabs do NOT disinfect properly)

(1) Antibacterial Lubricating Jelly packets (a MUST have for piercing comfort and efficiency)

(1) Skin Prep Pads (applied immediately prior to piercing)

(1) Receiving Cork (to receive needles)


 (Note: optional forceps shown in photo.)

PLUS: EXPERT How-to and Aftercare streaming Video instructions to prevent complications after the piercing has been done to ensure rapid and safe healing!

By purchasing this kit you are stating that you are 18 years of age or older and that you will not hold us liable for any problems that may arise from the use of this equipment in any way. We strongly recommend that this equipment be used by a professional piercer only.

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