All body piercings will involve a certain amount of swelling, after all it is creating an open wound in your skin. But some piercings are known to have more swelling than others and this needs to be considered before you have them done. At Hottie Body we always have a dedicated female body piercer on site to answer your questions about body piercing in Lancaster, Ca. 

For instance, piercings involving the ear cartilage are very painful and can swell up considerably.  Also cheek piercings are prone to excessive swelling even when proper aftercare guidelines are followed.  These things must be considered when you get a piercing.  If you are particularly prone to swelling or for example, you have tried numerous times to get a part of your body pierced and the swelling was unbearable, you should consider not having it done.  

The other day I heard from a customer that was pierce over two weeks ago that contacted us when our shop was closed for a holiday.  She informed me that even though it had been weeks since the initial piercing and that everything had been done correctly that the swelling was unbearable and she needed to do something about it.  Since it was a national holiday and the shop was closed when she contacted us she was advised to come in the following day when the shop was open and told we would gladly take a look at it.  The following day instead of coming in she informed us that she had made the decision to remove the jewelry to alleviate the pressure on her ears, which was her choice to make entirely.  However, doing so allowed the holes to close and to reopen them would involve a complete redo and is considered new piercings entirely.  We offered her the same industry low price she had paid originally to redo them but she balked and demanded they be redone for free!  I tried to appeal to her common sense and asked her this question; if you paid to get your hair permed from a stylist and then went home and washed it all out only to decide you liked it in the first place, would you really demand from that stylist that she do it again for free?  Of course not.  Yet for some reason this customer and others as well assume that our sterilized body jewelry (included with every piercing), tools, materials, electricity, phone, shop rent and of course our piercers - are 'free', which I assure you they are NOT!  I thought this customer had some sense of reason and fairness but apparently not.  Instead, she changed her story and accused us of not using the proper body jewelry (which is NOT the case - we always use the proper size/gauge/type) and set out to get us back by leaving some negative reviews.  This is the kind of thing that happens even when you try your best and are fair with people - there are just some that want something for nothing and won't take accountability.  The kicker?  This was the 5TH TIME she had tried getting her cartilage pierced (previous attempts by other shops) and they all resulted in the same swelling issue.  But I bet she didn't go back and demand free re-piercings from the other places like she did us!  Just another wonderful effect of being a female-owned business, people just assume they can bully you into whatever they demand.  Well I may be a woman but over the 8+ years of being in business against sleazy and underhanded competitors, I have become pretty thick-skinned.  But I am always a lady first :)

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