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Reality Check by Robin (Ask Robin)

Reality Check by Robin 

(Ask Robin)

The place where Master Body Piercer Robin 

(and founder of Hottie Body) addresses your questions

and debunks the lies and misunderstandings

prevalent in the body art industry!

Reality Check By Robin #1:
Does Your Piercer Specialize in Body Piercing?

Just because somebody says they body pierce doesn't mean that they are the right piercer for you.  What I mean by this is there is a difference between a dedicated body piercer versus someone who's really a tattoo artist that just pierces when they have nothing else to do. Just last week a customer told me a horror story about getting pierced by a tattoo artist who did her piercing incorrectly and then told her to come back the next day to fix it. She went back the next day just to be told by guy that he was too busy tattooing to deal with her.  This happens more often than you would imagine with tattoo artists who will always put piercings at the back of the line.  If she had gone to a real body piercer to begin with she would probably not have been blown off like this. Even if a piercer is busy they should only be a few minutes.in most cases, it's better to wait a day or two before redoing a piercing or maybe longer if there's extra healing needed. 

A dedicated body piercer knows this and would account for healing time and other associated factors.  I recommend ALWAYS dealing with someone who specializes in body piercing - it could save you from a lot of frustration in the end.  I am Robin, owner and founder of Hottie Body and a master body piercer in Southern California.  I am here to answer all  your questions and when needed, provide a 'reality check' when necessary :)