I swear, if I had a dollar for every person that had a bad experience somewhere else only to call us to fix it - I would have retired (comfortably) long ago! Honestly, can there be anything MORE insulting to a business than to come to them to fix a problem some other shop created? Of course not - and to make it worse, these unsatisfied customers (of other shops) want to LIE and claim they were pierced by us to try to get free services only to be told that we KNOW it wasn't done by us and then we politely suggest they go back to the shop that did the piercing since that is where they spent their money at. So how do we know if someone has been pierced or tattooed by us before? It's simple; we have a digital customer database that goes back 6 years. If you have been pierced or tattooed by us your name is in our system. If you do not show in our system it means one thing; you didn't come to us. Now the worst thing you can tell someone like this is that they are NOT our customer and we aren't going to do whatever it is they are demanding us to do. Just like how you cannot go into a bank and demand to withdraw money from an account that is not yours, no one that is not our customer can just make claims or demands and expect anything to come of it. Of course, many of these scammers get real upset and some of them have gone to posting undeserved negative reviews about their experiences, claiming that they were our customers somehow, yet are unable to prove it with receipts, photos, etc. etc. It is what it is and makes me wonder where all the honest people go to have their work done. Then I remember, oh yes the smart people with integrity go to us in the first place and have made Hottie Body #1 for 11 years running. We are proud to be the only female-owned and operated shop in the A.V. and yes, we not only take care of our (actual) customers but we treat them like family and have since 2009!

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