Safe Body Piercing Kits: How to KNOW what you're getting before it's too late!
Piercing kits are NOT the same - in fact, 99% of the kits sold on ebay, etsy, amazon, walmart and bodyj4you include unclean body jewelry. Why are most piercing kits dangerous to use? It's probably because the people selling them are NOT piercers and are only interested in making money rather than do the right thing which takes time and extra money to sterilize jewelry. It is much easier to throw a piece of jewelry into a bag and ship it out than it is to put it into a sterile color-changing pouch and process it with an autoclave (a $2000 piece of equipment). Honestly, how much sense does it make to bother using a sterile needle if you are just going to shove an unclean, unsterilized piece of jewelry into the open wound? Professional piercers know better and that is why they use sterilized, pre-pouched body jewelry at all times. While virtually ALL piercing kits offered show the body jewelry loose and therefore, unclean, only one company offers home piercing kits that include professional grade components and POUCHED and PRE-STERILIZED body jewelry to use at home, so you can pierce in confidence that you are using the same materials that the professional body piercers use, and that is For a complete listing of all the safe and sterile piercing kits offered simply click here. Remember, if the kit photo or description does not say the body jewelry is sterilized and in a color-changing pouch, it is NOT safe to use. Since 2009 Hottie Body Jewelry has been supplying professional body piercers and home piercers around the world with the only professional grade and safe to use sterile piercing kits.

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