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Safe and Sterile Personal Body Piercing Kits

Buyer Beware of body piercing kits being sold on ebay, amazon, etsy and other online sellers  (see photo) that feature un-sterilized body jewelry. A piercing is an open wound and putting jewelry in that is not sterile can lead to infection, injury or even death.  Only Hottie Body offers 100% guaranteed safe and sterile body piercing kits that include sterilized body jewelry that run through a medical-grade in a color-changing sterile pouch (see photo) for your safety.  Aren't you worth it?  Now with the threat of Covid-19 can you really afford to risk an infection using a cheap and unclean (non-sterilized) kit?  Sure, you may save a few dollars going with the other guys' offerings but is the risk worth it?  Now, more than ever before you need to be sure that the needles, tools and most of all body jewelry you are using are SAFE AND STERILE.  Hottie Body Jewelry was founded by professional body piercers back in 2009 and we have over 40 years combined body piercing experience.  We use the exact same materials to pierce professionally and WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING - we are not just throwing stuff into a bag and selling it through the mail like our competitors are - and YOUR SAFETY and the success of your piercings is our #1 TOP PRIORITY!

Hottie Body Jewelry has been offering the only COMPLETELY SAFE AND STERILE BODY PIERCING KITS for personal home use since 2009.  Our kits include sterile needles, sterilized forceps and most of all, sterile and safety pouched body jewelry so you can pierce with peace of mind knowing you are using the SAFEST PIERCING KITS AVAILABLE!  The vast majority of 'piercing kits' sold online are not sterile.  If the body jewelry included is not in a sterile color-changing pouch with sterilization dates on it - it is not sterile and should never be used in an initial piercing. You might save a buck or two buying these dirty kits but doing so is rolling the dice with your life.  We know what we are doing and we care about your safety!

Unsafe Kits on Ebay/Amazon                        Our Sterile Jewelry (Included)

with Body Piercing Kits from Hottiebodyjewelry.com!

At Hottie Body we are professional body piercers and we know what it takes to do a safe and easy body piercing because we pierce every day at our Southern California location.  We are expert at body piercing and even teach body piercing to the master body piercers of tomorrow.  Not only do we offer body piercing kits with matching (correct) body jewelry, lazer sharp needles and pre-sterilized body jewelry so you can safely pierce with confidence but we also include aftercare instruction and how-to pierce links for you so that your piercing goes safely and heals quickly! We supply tattoo shops and master body piercers the world over and have been for 7 years! 


 That's why we are the #1 name in body piercing kits worldwide and guarantee our sterile jewelry is safe to use, no matter what kind of piercing you are doing.  We are REAL BODY PIERCERS and have led the industry since 2009 by offering SAFE and STERILE Body Piercing Kits to YOU!

We are the #1 Body Art Supplier in the USA since and have been since 2009!  And many orders INCLUDE BONUS FREE GIFTS and on EVERY ORDER you earn BONUS REWARD POINTS towards free products with every purchase!
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