Complete Sterilization Procedures

100% STERILE BODY JEWELRY  from the leader in Body Art Supplies!

How do you really know if an item is sterile?  First, make sure the needle, forceps, or piece of body jewelry is individually packaged in a medical-grade sterilization pouch with color-changing indicator and sterilization date on the back.  Before using, make sure the packaging has not been compromised and that the sterilization date is recent. If a piece of body jewelry is not packaged in a color-changing pouch it is NOT STERILE!  If there is any doubt about the sterility or integrity of any piercing tool or product DO NOT USE the item and return it to the manufacturer! 

At we only use only the highest quality surgical stainless steel, titanium and teflon body jewelry packed in either Steam Pressurized or E..O. gas (method) sterile pouches to insure proper sterilization and storage endurance.  (Please note, we may utilize third-party sterilization and your packaging may differ from photo.)

When we say it is 'sterile', it is sterile - Guaranteed*!