Customer Testimonials:

"THANK YOU Hottie Body for NOT having sleazy tattoo artists in your shop.  You guys truly are better and different from the rest!" Mindy K.

"All the kits on the other sites have body jewelry that is dirty.  Hottie Body seems the only place that cares enough to offer sterile jewelry."  Jared T.

"What exactly is a 'shop minimum'?  All the tattoo shops I called would only talk to me if I came in and spent a minimum amount of $!  Hottie Body is the only shop in the A.V. that does NOT charge a shop minimum.  I'm done dealing with those other shops!"  Nina E.

"I read where some of the piercing kits from ebay and amazon had caused serioius infections and decided I wanted a sterile kit from actual piercers.  Got it in record time and it shipped out within hours of ordering - even faster than amazon!" Scott G.

"Seems like all the other shops don't even have piercers anymore.  A guy at a shop actually gave me a range of 80 to 100 for a piercing and said he would call me back when the piercer was there.  Nice try.  I went to Hottie Body and got it done right for much less and didn't have to wait."  Kris N.

"I called a shop for a quote on nipple piercings a creepy guy told me he would do them and quoted me double what Hottie Body charges.  I asked why he was so high and he told me that his wife could do them for even more since she was the 'owner'.  This guy sounded creepy and who cares if someone is the owner of a shop, if anything she should be charging less since they keep it all!  I got it done for half the price, perfectly." Jen R.

"I went to a couple other shops that all wanted me to wait around while they called in a piercer.  WTF?  Worse still they wanted to charge me MORE than Hottie Body for a piercing and weren't even going to provide the jewelry!  Trust me, don't bother with the other shops that don't even take piercing seriously enough to have a piercer - go to Hottie Body, they know what they're doing and beat anyone in quality and price!"  Karen S.

"Some creep at a tattoo shop (rhymes with jokers) offered to give me a 'discount' to pierce my nipples.  Yeah right!  Even with a creep-discount it still would have been more than going to Hottie Body and having a female piercer do them!  Nice try perv-o!  I only go to Hottie Body for my piercings and tattoos and I highly recommend them."  Arielle R.

"I heard rumors that Robin was not the owner anymore.  Turns out she not only still is the owner but has nothing but female piercers and artists.  Wow, no creepy tattoo guys with attitudes - just friendly people with great prices :)"  Sheri K.

"What a difference!  This shop is clean, friendly and not about trying to rip people off, I got my tattoo done perfectly for less than half what the other shops wanted for it.  Definitely will be coming back."  Darin N.

"I wanted a simple tattoo and was told by the other shops I had to pay a shop-minimum charge before they would even talk to me - between 80 and 150 dollars - Hottie Body was the only shop that didn't do that to me and I got the simple tattoo done perfectly for only $50!"  Tammi E.

"I went to another place for my piercing before I heard about Hottie Body
and paid almost double what I should have and had to put up with a creepy guy's hands all over me (hint:he is at one of the shops on the blvd). Not only was I over-charged but it wasn't even the right jewelry they used on me!  Only after my mistake did I hear about Hottie Body and that they specialize in body piercing and have female piercers.  Take my word for it and don't make the mistake I made and go to Hottie Body and get it done right for a fair price!  I won't go anywhere else.  Dean S.

"Finally - a shop that doesn't gouge it's customers like the others with those 
bogus 'shop minimums'... what the hell is that about?  What business in this day
and age can afford to dictate to their customers the least amount of money they
have to spend to be bothered with?  Obviously, the other guys are just being
greedy and haven't figured out that their customers are smarter than that -
at least I am and that's why I go to Hottie Body for all my tattoos!."  Fabian S.

"Great shop.  Nice people there and prices were good also."  S. P.

"I like how they don't play games and always include the jewelry - the other
shops should be ashamed of themselves for putting their customers at risk
by telling them to bring their own body jewelry. We went into one of those
places and was told they don't even have a piercer there and they wanted us
to sit around and wait while they called him in.  Are you kidding me?"  Laura D.

"I got a small tattoo a while back from the artist you guys got rid of (the one that stuttered) and it was okay, but when I went back in and saw the incredible skill your new artist has, I decided to get a portrait done I had always wanted.  Not only did it come out perfect but it didn't cost me an arm and a leg like the other shops wanted - thanks again Hottie Body, you've got a customer for life with me!"  B. C.

"For anyone who has ever gone into Hottie Body Jewelry and Tattoo they know what it feels like to walk into a immaculately clean and professional shop.  There is never any tension in the air and the place always smells clean, not like cigarettes or weed (like the other shops smell like).  But most of all, the big difference between your shop and the rest is the lack of negativity in the air and disrespectful attitude that seems to come with getting a tattoo or body piercing anywhere else.  Not only are your price much less than the other guys but I have always felt that you appreciated me being there and that you listened to what I wanted instead of telling me what I needed to get or buy.  I like there is never any pressure and that you guys are in a nice part of town where me and my family feel safe coming and going from.  I am so glad you are here for me and for everyone that knows how you guys treat people there and please please please never ever stop doing what you do.  You're the best in my book and I just wanted you to know that." 

"I went to another shop to get a piercing and gave me a bogus price to get me in there and then told me to go to Hottie Body and buy the body jewelry myself.  WTF?  I found out that Hottie Body's prices were less and they include the jewelry.  Needless to say, I didn't go back to those 'jokers' (rhymes with) and let the pros do it at Hottie Body :)"  Jean T.

"This is to Robin, who first pierced me and my sister years back when she first opened Hottie Body - I had heard (mistakenly) that you had sold Hottie Body and when I heard that I stayed away thinking it was being run by someone else and less competent.  Then I read a posting on fb and realized you did not sell it and that Hottie Body is still owned and operated by Robin - who in my opinion is the best body piercer on earth - and I am not going back for not only the rest of my piercings I need but for all my tattoos now that you have a real artist there who knows what he is doing!  I would say to Robin 'welcome back' but that would not be right because it turns out you never left and that was just rumors spread by haters hoping to confuse your customers into thinking your shop isn't still the best place to go for body piercings and tattoos, which I can say thankfully, still is!  See you soon you all and I am making sure to tell everyone I know the truth, which is you were, are and will continue to be the best anywhere, period! WE LOVE YOU!" 

"Wow!  Can't say enough about you guys and your professionalism!  Thanks!" R.C.

"Attitude-free tattoos at fair prices.  Outstanding 5 stars!"  J.S.

"You guys have the best selection and the quick response to my order correction proves what dedication you have to customer service.  I am very impressed!"  S.B.

"Hottie Body is the only place I trust to take my daughters to.  The people there are so nice and Stephanie is so professional.  No gang-bangers or typical tattoo attitudes, just professional and normal people that are always helpful and sober.  Trust me when I say that you can't do any better at any price than Hottie Body!"  A.G.

"Wow what a difference!  My wife got a piercing at your shop and I was SO GLAD you guys have private rooms to get tattoos or piercings in - and the prices were better than the other guys too!  We will be back!"  T.R.

"My Daughter is a body piercing apprentice so we bought her a Starter Body Piercing kit for Christmas.  Of all the gifts she received, when she saw the Hottie Body kit she was so overwhelmed with excitement, she cried tears of joy!  Thanks You Hottie Boy for supplying the best quality products, the kit arrived on time and even included an instructional booklet.  Now our daughter is on her way to a new career as a body piercer!  Jane S.

"YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!"  Natalie P.