Customer Testimonials:

"All the kits on the other sites have body jewelry that is dirty.  Hottie Body is the only site that cares enough to offer sterile jewelry.  How do the other guys sleep?"  Jared T.

"I read where some of the piercing kits from ebay and amazon had caused serious infections and decided I wanted a sterile kit from actual piercers.  Got it in record time and it shipped out within hours of ordering - even faster than amazon!" Scott G.

"Seems like many of the shops don't even have piercers anymore.  A guy at a shop actually gave me a range of $80 to $100 for a piercing and said he would call me back when the piercer was there.  Nice try.  I went to Hottie Body and got it done right for much less and didn't have to wait."  Kris N.

"What a difference!  The piercing kit I bought arrived fast and was exactly as promised.  My piercing came out perfectly.  Definitely will be coming back."  Darin N.

"Wow!  Can't say enough about you guys and your professionalism!  Thanks!" R.C.

"You guys have the best selection and the quick response to my order correction proves what dedication you have to customer service.  I am very impressed!"  S.B.

"My Daughter is a body piercing apprentice so we bought her a Starter Body Piercing kit for Christmas.  Of all the gifts she received, when she saw the Hottie Body kit she was so overwhelmed with excitement, she cried tears of joy!  Thanks You Hottie Boy for supplying the best quality products, the kit arrived on time and even included an instructional booklet.  Now our daughter is on her way to a new career as a body piercer!  Jane S.

"YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!"  Natalie P.