The Best Body Piercings in Lancaster, Ca - Period.  Hottie Body has dedicated body piercers that are not tattoo artists that pierce sometimes but are dedicated body piercers who only pierce and who are fully licensed and permitted to perform body piercings of all types.  You may think it doesn't matter where or who pierces you, but I can assure you that THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.  In tattoo shops, body piercing is looked down upon by most tattoo artists - who see piercing as something beneath them, that is why most tattoo artists that pierce will charge much more than Hottie Body.  Think about it, a tattoo artist would much rather be doing a more expensive tattoo than bother with a piercing and most do not even pierce at all.  Rather than be pierced by someone who does not take piercing seriously or who respects piercing in it's own right, trust your piercings to someone who not only takes piercing seriously but who will always use the proper body jewelry type and size instead of just using whatever is lying around the shop.  Hottie Body is #1 in Customer Satisfaction in the A.V. since we opened in 2009 and our customers know there is a big difference in how we treat them, and how we take piercing seriously.  Get your next body piercing done right the first time by someone who knows what they are doing and who will charge you a fair price.  Stop by and find out why Hottie Body is the best at what we do and why we have been in business for 7 years and are growing stronger every day.



Date 8/24/2016

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