Question from customer Kurt, S. writes: Dear Hottie Body, I used to go to another shop for tattoo supplies, until I noticed the inks were watered-down and weak. I bought some ink from your store and it was a million times better, for about the same price as the other place I used to go to. My question is: why would the other guys water down their inks, and is that legal? Answer: We can't speak for other shops or what they are doing to their stuff to try to get the price down, all we can vouch for is our own products and services here at Hottie Body. We have the best prices on all body jewelry, piercing supplies and tattoo equipment and supplies around, and the reason for that is two-fold; we have massive buying power and deal directly with manufacturers, and second, we aren't out to gouge our customers. Our prices are lowest because we can, and we care, not because we are cutting corners or tampering. IF you have purchased piercing needles, tattoo needles or tattoo inks from another shop that appear to be 'used' or 'opened', you should demand a refund and report them to Consumer Affairs and the Los Angeles County Health Department. People like that are not there to help you and are in fact, endangering you and the your customer's lives by contaminating the needles, inks and tools you depend upon for your livelihood. At Hottie Body, we GUARANTEE that EVERY NEEDLE, INK AND PIECE OF EQUIPMENT we sell is BRAND NEW and has NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH in any way! It's our promise to you, as our customers, to always provide you with the highest quality at the lowest price - guaranteed!

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