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Reality Check by Robin: Why Lie?

Posted by Robin on 2/22/2020 to Customer Feedback
I swear, if I had a dollar for every person that had a bad experience somewhere else only to call us to fix it - I would have retired (comfortably) long ago!  Honestly, can there be anything MORE insulting to a business than to come to them to fix a problem some other shop created?

Reality Check By Robin #2: Should I Take The Jewelry Out?

Posted by Robin on 7/7/2017 to Customer Feedback
All body piercings will involve a certain amount of swelling, after all it is creating an open wound in your skin. But some piercings are known to have more swelling than others and this needs to be considered before you have them done.  At Hottie Body we always have a dedicated female body piercer on site to answer your questions about body piercing in Lancaster, Ca.  
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