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    How to Pierce Yourself Safely and Easily with Piercing Kits from   Body piercing is a popular and expressive form of body modification that involves creating holes in various parts of the body to insert jewelry.
  • Body Piercing Trends for 2024

    Body piercing trends for 2024 Body Piercing Trends for 2024   Body piercing is a form of self-expression that has been practiced for thousands of years by various cultures and communities. In 2024, body piercing is more popular and
  • 5 Things To Look For in a Body Piercing Kit

    5 Things to Look For in a Body Piercing Kit:

    1.  Make sure it is ALL STERILE - While just about anyone (and everyone) is offering piercing kits these days with sterile needle, an alcohol swab or gloves, only ONE seller offers piercing kits that are up to Health Department standards.

    2.  Is the kit offered by an actual body piercer, or just someone trying to make a buck on,, or  Only offers professional-grade piercing kits that are ALL sterile and safe to use!

    3.  Does the kit offer the proper tools for the job?  Some piercings (like septum piercings for example) require special tools.  Make sure the kit you purchase has the proper tools or your chances of doing the piercing correctly diminish greatly.

    4. Does the kit include the CORRECT type of body jewelry in the proper gauge and style for the piercing?  Many inferior piercing kits include several types of jewelry and NONE of them are the right ones for the job. 

    5.  Most important of all: IS THE BODY JEWELRY STERILIZED IN COLOR-CHANGING sterile pouches?  Or does it come loose (and dirty) from the factory floors in China?  If the photo of the kit contents shows the body jewelry loose, they are not sterilized and not for initial piercings.  Only the piercing kits from offer pre-sterilized body jewelry in the correct gauge and style for initial piercings for your safety.  Furthermore, for those of you that have sensitive skin we offer titanium body jewelry (also with the option for presterilized) for your needs to insure your piercings are safe and problem free during healing. 

    Check out the ONLY SAFE and STERILE body piercing kits at TODAY and pierce safely with confidence like the thousands and thousands of customers we have helped since 2009!