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Phone (walk-in locations inquiries only): (805) 236-7946 was established by medically trained professional body piercers in order to address the need for quality personal and professional body piercing supplies at reasonable prices.  HottieBodyJewelry was founded by body piercing professionals with over 40 years combined experience in the medical and body art fields.  Our staff has been featured in hundreds of media publications, and currently share managing editor duties for the Body Piercing News, the most respected publication in the body art community.  Our training goes beyond the required Blood-borne Pathogen OSHA approved training and completed Hepatitis B vaccination series (a requirement for all Los Angeles County Body Art Technicians), to include additional certification and training in Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED, First Aid Survival, and Emergency Survival Training.  Furthermore, our body technicians are both currently registered with the Los Angeles County Health Department as well as have up to date locational permits.  We also routinely post spore test results publicly on this site as well as our physical locations as testimony to the integrity of our autoclaves.  

Until our arrival in the industry, body piercing kits and tools were kept out of reach both in price and availability for most customers.  To this day, other options for truly sterile body piercing jewelry, kits or tools is practically non-existent, as the necessity of properly pre-sterilized body jewelry when conducting initial piercing continues to be almost entirely overlooked by other sellers in the industry.  We take your satisfaction and safety very seriously and cannot stress enough the importance of not entrusting your body piercing equipment or jewelry needs to just anyone, especially a source that does not even pre-sterilized the body jewelry that goes into the initial piercing!  We treat each purchase and each customer as if you are a family-member or dear friend, and in doing so, we provide you with quality and service that cannot be surpassed at any price.  Our mission is to satisfy our customers above and beyond the initial purchase so that we may establish a lasting relationship that will continue to benefit the customer.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by guaranteeing the quality of everything we sell, that it is as described and free of manufacturing flaws or defects. Unlike our competitors, we stand behind our products and will exchange or replace any product that is flawed from manufacturing.*

We pride ourselves on FAST SHIPPING and COMMUNICATION with our customers. Yes, we LISTEN to what you have to say and we respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries, requests and questions you may have.

For our customers we also offer multi-order discounts and FREE SHIPPING on most of our products. Also, for a limited time YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE BONUS GIFT with each order!

This gift will be either a free piece of order appropriate jewelry or (in the case of piercing kits) it may be an extra needle or prep item ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Be sure to Bookmark our site and check back often as we are always running SPECIAL SALES and PROMOTIONS that could save you money on your next purchases or you may WIN GIFT CERTIFICATES in our monthly drawings!